About Us
Farm History
Charles started vegetable farming in high school as part of his FFA Supervised Agricultural
Experience.  After that, he took time off to work on his degree and his career in Agricultural

Charles and Cheryl DeBerry began their fresh produce farm the year they were married, in 1998
with a half acre of tomatoes and peppers sold at one farmers market.  

Since then, DeBerry Farm has expanded to eight to ten acres of fresh produce, including over
50 types of vegetables, melons, herbs, gourds, and berries.  We sell our fresh-picked items at
area farmers markets and through Garrett Growers cooperative to local restaurants and grocery

Our farming roots grow deep.  Charles and Cheryl were both raised on farms with diverse
activities such as beef, sheep, logging, goats, horses, hay, grains, and of course, fresh

Charles is a full time farmer, who also is raising up little Anna and Carla, the newest addition to
the DeBerry family.  Cheryl serves as the Natural Resources Business Specialist for Garrett
County Economic Development.

How We Farm
We take pride in being “low input” farmers, meaning we use as many organic and all-natural
methods of controlling weeds, insects and disease as we can.  We are not certified organic,
though, and will use minimal over-the-counter conventional products if we find we may lose our

Our daughters are in the fields with us every day, and we won’t do anything that we feel would
harm our precious little girls.
DeBerry Farm Fresh Produce