Hot Pepper Jelly
DeBerry Farm Fresh Produce
Sweet, & a Little Hot!

Our Hot Pepper Jelly is the perfect combination of sweet
with a little bit of hot!

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked!

Serving Suggestions:

  • Pour half a jar of our Hot Pepper Jelly over a block
    of cream cheese.  Serve with your favorite crackers.
  • Add Hot Pepper Jelly to hash browns or fried
    potatoes as they cook - it adds terrific flavor and
    caramelizes the potatoes!
  • Serve Hot Pepper Jelly along with pork, venison, or
    beef dishes.
  • Roll out crescent roll dough, cut into 2 inch
    squares.  Place one Tablespoon of cream cheese
    (flattened) on each square.  Add one teaspoon of
    Hot Pepper Jelly on top.  Roll up the sides to make
    it look like a volcano, with the pepper jelly exposed.  
    Bake until golden brown and serve warm or chilled.

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Our Salsa and Hot Pepper Jelly are
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We also sell our delicious hot
pepper jelly at
farmers markets and
at the following local stores:

Deep Creek Gourmet

Fireside Deli & Wine Shop

Shoppe at Heritage Square
(Oakland Train Station)

Pleasant Valley Dream Rides Gift