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Welcome to Our Farm!

We hope you enjoy your visit, and please come back often!

We grow fresh produce naturally in the beautiful mountains of extreme Western Maryland. We
take pride in being good stewards of the fertile land that has been in our family for generations.

We sell our fresh produce through local farmers markets and through the Internet via Local
Harvest (

When you purchase local food grown by a family farmer, you are supporting the preservation of
open space farmland as well as the farming lifestyle.

We strive to produce healthy food. This means we try to use natural methods of weed and pest
control. We try to pick everything at the peak of ripeness and taste. We grow many heirloom
vegetable varieties, which have exceptional flavor. We grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs,
berries, and melons to help you get a balanced diet of delicious, locally grown fresh food for the

We are located 1 mile north of Oakland, Maryland, near
Deep Creek Lake and Wisp Ski Resort.
If you visit our beautiful County this summer, contact us so we can provide you the freshest,
highest quality vegetables and fruits available.
DeBerry Farm Fresh Produce
Oakland, Maryland
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What's New?

We're attending the Morgantown, WV Farmers Market.

We're taking a year off from our CSA in 2012.  

We're selling through a the new
Garrett Growers cooperative
to local restaurants and grocery stores!