Barns and Farms: The Importance of Sustainable Agriculture
(Link suggested by Elm Grove Area Community Services Center Youth Group - Thanks!)

We love
PASA, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture .

The Garrett County Extension Office partnered with us to complete a Northeast SARE
(Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) grant for organic, day-neutral strawberries in
2006.  In 2010 we're starting a raspberry project.

We’re proud members of the Mountain Fresh Producers Association, which conducts farmers
markets in Garrett County, Maryland

We're proud members of the Morgantown Farmers Market Growers Association, which
conducts the farmers markets in Morgantown, WV.

Blogging Deep Creek Lake, Garrett County and beyond.  Check this site for local information,
events, special interest stories, a weekend calendar and Business Guide

We’re proud members of the Garrett County Chamber of Commerce.

The Garrett-Preston Rural Development Coalition supports farmers and rural development
projects in the mountaintop area.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture website is full of information for farmers and their
DeBerry Farm Fresh Produce